Working together to support carers of all ages across the South Tees area

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31 March 2022

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Unpaid carers of all ages across the UK provide a vital care and support network to their loved ones, the value of which should not be underestimated by health and social care services who would otherwise struggle to meet the support requirements that carers absorb on their behalf.

Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council and Middlesbrough Council recognise and value all carers and are working together to ensure local carers, of which there are an estimated 30,000+, have access to timely information, advice and support to minimise any adverse impact looking after loved ones may have on them. 

Looking after loved ones can be extremely rewarding but you can still feel trapped, lonely and frustrated from time to time (or all the time) and that is okay. Both local authorities working in partnership with NHS Tees Valley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and with support and input from the South Tees Carers Forum are delivering a South Tees All Age Carers Support Service to the residents across the South Tees footprint. This is designed to ensure there is support available locally that can help; services that understand and can empathise with how you are feeling and guide you through your new or changed role.

The new service comes into effect from 1 April 2022 and will deliver on the partnership's promise to support carers across the South Tees area through the commissioning of a revised model of support.  This approach will aim to provide a broad offer for carers, increasing the identification of carers in the community and broadening the interventions and support offers available.

The services will work together to increase the general awareness of carers not only in communities but across all providers both statutory and third sector, but importantly it will also empower carers to self-identify and direct themselves to a range of services available. We Care You Care is working closely with all commissioned providers to raise awareness of their offer so that you can connect to the most appropriate service for you as quickly as possible.

So what support is available?

We have updated our self signposting page 'find local help' to hopefully make it easier to find the right organisation to support you. 

The South Tees Commissioned Service providers are as follows, (click on the find out more hyperlinks for full details): 

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Adult Carers Information Support Service: Carers Together offer a wide range of services, information, advice and support for carers across the South Tees area. Find out more.

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The Junction Foundation's Young Carers Information and Support Service offers a range of support to Young Carers, Families and Young Adult Carers across South Tees. Find out more.

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Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind provide support for carers looking after loved ones with mental health difficulties. Find out more.

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Redcar & Cleveland Mind provides mental health community outreach for carers looking after loved ones with mental health difficulties. Find out more.

All providers are members of The South Tees Carers' Forum which acts as an advisory body. Our vision is to improve services, support, recognition and outcomes for unpaid carers of all ages and backgrounds in South Tees by working collaboratively and sharing expertise, learning and resources.

If you have any queries about any of the services please use the information provided to contact the relevant organisation directly.