We Need Care Too- Young Carers Stories (The Junction Foundation, June 2021)

The Junction Foundation received a small carers grant from Middlesbrough Council which they have used to raise the profile of young carers in Middlesbrough through a poster campaign. They have worked with a group of young carers to create a series of posters that showcase their individual caring journey. 

The poster campaign is set to launch for Carers Week 2021, 7-13 June. Posters will be printed and distributed in a range of public spaces in advance of Carers Week including GP's surgeries, Pharmacies and schools, which are the key places young carers highlighted. 

NEURODEVELOPMENTAL CONDITIONS ‘Unlocking minds and opening doors' (Neuro Key April 2021)

The Neuro Key Open Door series of resources has been developed to acknowledge the challenges of living with a neurological condition that is misunderstood, subject to media-driven or political myths and is neither prevalent nor the focus of publicity campaigns. The following stories are all real-life narratives of experiences of adults with or parent caregivers supporting people with a neurodevelopmental disability. We have adopted fictional names to protect their identities.