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02 February 2022

We know that many people do not identify with the term 'carer', you are a son, mother, father, sister, grandparent etc looking after a loved one which is something you 'just' do. There may have never been a pivotal moment where you made a conscious decision to become a carer. It is more likely to be something that has happened over time (due to the age of a loved one or mental health deterioration) or suddenly (due to illness) and we are often left with little or no time to plan and prepare for our new or increased caring responsibilities. As a result of this many carers don’t know how or where to get help and do not start to look for external support until they are at a crisis point. It can be a frightening and very lonely experience.

Carers are holding families together, enabling loved ones to get the most out of life, making an enormous contribution to society and saving the economy billions of pounds. 

Being a carer can, of course, be hugely rewarding but it isn't always easy. Looking after loved ones can impact your own well-being. You may notice you have less time to do the things you enjoy and maintain friendships or you may notice you are starting to struggle at work or school with the extra home life pressure. 

The average person has a 50:50 chance of caring by the age of 50 - long before they reach retirement age (Carers UK, 2019). So we all need to know what information and support is available if we find ourselves taking care of a family member or friend at some stage in our lives.

There is a fantastic range of organisations delivering services specifically for unpaid carers across the South Tees. They genuinely understand and want to help you whether it be with emotional or practical support. All member organisations in the South Tees Carers Forum work to make life better for local carers.

We Care You Care has been developed to ensure carers locally have access to useful information and advice, find local organisations and groups to engage with, share experiences to support other carers and keep up to date with relevant local and national news.

Not everybody has heard of We Care You Care, and as we have highlighted care is everybody's business, so we really need your help to get information about the project in as many public spaces as possible.

  • Do you work in a shop that has a community notice board?
  • Do you attend or lead any community activities where you could pass on some of our flyers?
  • Do you have a friend who is looking after a family member who is not connected to support? 
  • Are you part of a religious community that has a community notice board or newsletter that could raise awareness of We Care You Care?
  • Do you use social media and connect to any community groups via these channels where you could share information?

Any help you can provide to raise awareness of the website and ensure as many carers as possible across the South Tees area have access to our information, advice and signposting to local services will be greatly appreciated. 

We are also looking to connect to local carers who are interested in sharing their experiences, in their own words, to highlight the daily realities South Tees carers face. 

We have Posters and flyers or social media posts available to share with you. Contact us at if you can support us. 

Kelly Baxter, We Care You Care Project Lead, MVDA