Lack of financial support pushing more kinship families into poverty, survey reveals

Published Friday 1 July, Kinship’s 2022 financial allowances survey shows that kinship families are struggling to afford basic household essentials.

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Last year, Kinship carried out the first ever survey of kinship families’ financial circumstances in England and Wales. This year’s survey results show that the situation for kinship families is getting worse. As the cost of living continues to soar, we need to see urgent action to prevent many more families from being plunged into poverty. Kinship found that:

  • 44% of kinship carers could not pay all their household bills.
  • 26% could not afford food for their families.
  • 35% could not afford clothes for their children.
  • 18% could not keep up with rent or mortgage payments.
  • 33% of carers were concerned that their financial situations might eventually prevent them from being able to continue to care for their children.