Young Carers stories

The Junction logo and image of 7 young carers involved in sharing their stories with rainbow facemasks

11 June 2021

Local Young carers have worked with media students at Redcar & Cleveland College to make their stories visible for Carers Week 2021. 

Young Carers from The Junction Foundation want to raise awareness, identification and support for local young carers. Six young carers stories are being showcased by The Junction Foundation throughout the week in poster format which have been displayed in schools, GP surgeries and other public places identified as priority publicity spots by the young carers involved. 

A young carer is...

  • Someone, under 18, who supports someone who needs help eg. brother, sister, parent/ guardian
  • A young person that helps someone in their family home who may have a mental health issue, illness or disability (physical or learning) or misuse drugs or alcohol. 
  • A child who gives up personal time to help support their family member. 

The six case studies are written by seven young carers aged between 9 and 17 years. Each story provides an eye opening account of what life is like for each of the seven young carers, highlighting the challenges and positives that they manage on a daily basis. 

Young carers story from The Junction Foundation
Young carers story from The Junction Foundation

The Junction Foundation provides invaluable support to young carers locally and provide them with the opportunities for friendships to form and ultimately a safe space for young carers to be the children and young people they are. 

The Junction works to support, young carers, young adult carers and their families through:

  • One to one support,
  • Counselling
  • Group work and social activities to build skills, peer networks friendships, confidence and self belief
  • Whole family support.

If you want to know more about how The Junction Foundation can support you, your family or someone you know please contact them directly:

Telephone: 01642 756000 Email:

Download all six case studies or follow @TheJunctionFoundation on Facebook.