Young Carers Passport

Boy in classroom sat at desk facing camera (wearing glasses) surrounded by other children out of focus

12 July 2022

The Junction Foundation and young carers across the South Tees area have co-produced young carer and transition passports.

What is it?

Passports are a tool that has been developed to support young carers and young adult carers through the various different transitions in their lives. It means you only have to tell your story and what support you require once and details recommendations for professionals to ensure they are supported. 

How does it work?

The Passport is completed with your key worker or school young carer champion, then this is shared with the appropriate people who are involved in your care to ensure you receive the support you want and need. The passport can go with you so as you move on through school, further education, training and employment you can continue to update and share along the way.

Can I get one?

Any young carer or young adult carer who does not have a passport in place but would like one please speak to your project worker or contact The Junction Foundation on 01642 756000 for further information and referrals.