Messages of Support from Local Carers

People interlinking by holding another persons wrist

16 December 2022

We shared a post on our Facebook page recently asking our followers:

"If you could say one thing to somebody struggling in their caring role right now, what would you say??

Things are difficult for so many people right now; let's spread some positivity, helpful advice and words of encouragement for those who really need to hear it."

May be an image of one or more people and text that says "WE CARE YOU CARE. If you could say one thing to somebody struggling in their caring role right now, what would you say?"

The post has received some fantastic responses, so if you are looking after a loved one and finding things challenging at the moment read on for some words of advice from some amazing local carers: 

"If you need help ask for it don't struggle on your own."

"Take the time to remember them as they once were, it helps you to put their condition into perspective. It's the hardest job anyone will ever do. Well done."

"Make sure you get a break, ask for help. Do mindfulness if you can't get out of the house alone."

"You're doing amazing you'll look back at yourself one day and say I'd do it all again you've made your loved ones so proud 👏"

"Seek help, don't try to go it alone. I know because I have been there."

"How truly amazing you are such strength and love you hold within but be sure to care for yourself the same way you care for others. Love is a wonderful thing make sure you seek help from the people around you" 🙏💕

"Be kind to yourself! Take time out if you need to. Remember you are important too. You can't care for anyone if you neglect yourself. 😘"

"I'd say you're doing an amazing job but don't be afraid to ask for some help. There's plenty out there and you're only human 🥰"

Thank you to everybody who takes the time to comment on the post and share some words of wisdom and positivity!

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