Thank you for completing our website review

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11 August 2021

We recently held an online survey and encouraged those of you who visit our website to let us know what you think works well and what needs to be improved so that we could ensure the site is fit for purpose. 

Thank you to everybody who took the time to complete the survey which we recognise was not the shortest. 

We received 23 responses, which we are aware is low in comparison to the number of people accessing this site. If you did not get a chance to share your views before the survey closed you can always email us at with your comments and we will endeavour to create future opportunities for you to have your say. 

Here are the results from the responses we had:
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  • The survey was completed by 23 people, 18 professionals and 5 carers.
  • 60% of respondents said they visit the website frequently.
  • 11 respondents reside in Middlesbrough and 10 in Redcar & Cleveland.
  • Most respondents were aged 40-64 years.
  • 54% of respondents are female.
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Using the site

  • 95% said they had found the information they were looking for which included the following topics: kinship care, support options, information, and signposting, South Tees Carers Forum and general carers information.
  • 18 respondents said the website was ‘very easy to navigate'.
  • 9 respondents said they had contacted an organisation as a result of their visit to the site which included: Kinship, Mind and Kooth.
  • Suggestions for things that visitors stated they felt were missing from the site:
    • more carers stories
    • more information about support groups in local areas 
    • “I wondered if we needed a tab for young carers so they can find it straight away and realise the site is for them too. More videos though there are already quite a few - I think people might like these”.
  • No suggestions were made for what people would like to see less of on the site.
  • Respondents highlighted that the top three most useful sections of the site are:
    1. Am I a carer?
    2. Getting an assessment
    3. Find local help
  • The survey showed that people found the least useful sections of the site to be:
    1. Events & Meetings
    2. Training for carers
    3. Socialising
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We asked, “If there was one thing, we could do to make the website better what would it be?” and had the following suggestions:

  • Interactive
  • Little more professional-looking, some graphics etc look a little too bright and brash.
  • This is difficult but I would like to encourage more carers to use it!
  • Fewer words
  • Publicise it more widely maybe so more of the general public know it’s there- it's a fantastic resource
  • Option for carers to submit their stories
  • More carer stories.

Lastly, we asked, “Do you have any other comments or suggested improvements for the website? If so, please use this space to share them” and received the following responses from 8 people:

“I found the website refreshing, it is hard to see yourself as a carer when you are in it and acknowledge that you need support too. I have been a care for my grown-up daughter and my husband for a long time and have been so focused on fighting for their needs that I haven't considered my own. Having this helps to make you feel understood and valued. I have been inspired by the stories Abby has shared on the page and wish had known all those years ago that I wasn’t alone in my experiences.”

“The website is fantastic and I'm pleased that it now covers South Tees”

“Very informative”

“Thought the website looks good, very fresh looking and easy to navigate. Lots of useful info but also like to link to be able to go straight to other organisations. All info in one place. The info needs to be kept up to date with the latest info if anything changes i.e., telephone numbers/dates etc.”

“Try promoting it better, never heard of it until I was asked to review it!”

“I was really impressed with the website; I was in a caring role previously and didn't access any help. Having this site made it much easier to understand what support and help is available. There is still a long way to go to get things right locally with support for carers, but this is a great start. The information is easy to use and read.”

What next?

The majority of suggested improvements are relatively simple to implement so we will now go through each point and incorporate the suggestions to the site where feasible. 

Thank you once again to everybody who completed the survey. Your responses help us to understand how the site works for you and informs us of what improvements could be made.