Various organisations offer a range of carer workshops and training that look at different aspects of care.

Carers Together provide workshops in response to carers’ needs and requests. In the past these have included First Aid; Moving and Handling People; Coping with Challenging Behaviour; Living with Dementia; Autism Awareness. You can see what training they currently have available through their events calendar here. You can also give the team a call and discuss your training needs on 01642 488977 or keep up to date with their training and event opportunities through their Facebook page. 

Darlington Action on Disability (DAD) provides training for carers who wish to become a paid personal assistant. You can give them a call on 01325 489999.

The Open University have a free Caring for Adults course which is an introductory course for anyone in a caring role, either paid or unpaid. It builds on what you already know to give you a better understanding of your role as a carer. It also supports your own well-being by giving you some ideas and information about looking after yourself and dealing with stress.

Carers UK has developed Learning for Living which is designed to help you identify the skills you have gained through caring, figure out what you need and help you chart a path to get there, whether you are still caring or your caring has come to an end. 

Carers UK has also developed an e-learning module You and Your Well-Being which aims to help you build strategies to maintain your physical and emotional well-being whilst caring. 

Public Health has developed a COVID-19: Psychological First Aid training course which is free and available through Future Learning. The training provides you with the knowledge to be able to help people with different needs to cope with the emotional impact of COVID-19. This may be particularly useful for those looking after loved ones with a mental health problem.

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