Caring and Covid-19: Financial Well-Being During 'Lockdown' (Sustainable Care 2020)

This report considers the financial wellbeing of people providing unpaid care (outside their own household) in April and May 2020, during the UK’s official ‘lockdown’ in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also looks at their likelihood of being ‘furloughed’ and at changes in their working hours, analysing these by sex, age and employment status. An estimated 6,048,286 adults provided care to someone living outside their own household in the UK in 2020. They are a ‘subset’ of the 10,991,440 adults estimated to be carers.

Caring Behind Closed Doors (Carers UK 2020)

Carers UK (April 2020) report looking at the 'forgotten families in the coronavirus outbreak.'

'Carers UK’s survey into the experiences of over 5,000 current and former carers has found that the coronavirus crisis is having a profound impact on carers’ lives. Many of those who responded were providing very high levels of care, or juggling care in complex lives. They are those most in need. Not only are many providing more care than before,they are suffering financially and are worried about the future.'

How Services Have Adapted to Lockdown Across South Tees (Healthwatch South Tees 2020)

The Healthwatch South Tees report shares details about how flexible and responsive services have been, adapting to the restrictions and changes within the community.

"We celebrate the remarkable determination and willingness that services have shown to ensure the public are still cared for, including those with existing needs and those impacted by COVID-19, to reduce new and existing health inequalities."

Kinship Care Week

Kinship Care Week is a national week to to celebrate kinship families, raise awareness of the role of kinship carers and say a big, public THANK YOU!

Grandparents Plus will be sharing information and activities across the week on Facebook and Twitter

We have produced a range of designed posts and pulled together some useful information that you can use and share during the week.