Local Carers Campaigns

We Care You Care is committed to coordinating and leading local campaigns to support the national efforts in raising awareness of all forms of unpaid care and ensuring carers are seen, heard and supported. 

Current campaigns:

Young Carers Rights Day 16 March 2022- a nationwide event organised by the Carer's Trust aimed at raising awareness of the struggles and importance of young carers across the country.

Take a look at the campaigns we have run to date:

Carers Rights Day- 25 November 2021

Kinship Care Week 4-10 October 2021

Carers Week 7-13 June 2021

Young Carers Action Day 16 March 2021

Carers Rights Day 26 November 2020

Kinship Care Week 5-11 October 2020

Carers Week 8-14 June 2020