Young Carers Action Day 16 March 2021

The theme for Young Carers Action Day, a national campaign developed by Carers Trust in collaboration with young carers, was 'Protecting Young Carers Futures'. This was with a particular focus on highlighting the skills young carers and young adult carers had developed through their caring role. This provides young carers with the opportunity to reflect and recognise on those skills as well as being given the opportunity to share them with the wider community. Caring at any age can have an impact on the carers own health and well-being, this can be especially true for children. The theme this year encouraged a conversation from a positive perspective which after a challenging year is never more needed. 

The Junction Foundation asked young carers aged 5-18 to share what they thought were the key skills that they had developed and Carers Together did the same thing with some of the young adult carers they support. We had some fantastic responses which we used to create images that highlighted these skills for each age category which were then shared on our Facebook page. Below are the images shared throughout the day:

Young carer skills 5-9years
Young carer skills 11-13years


Young carer skills 14-18years
Young adult carer skills 18-25years
Thank you to all local young carers