Sister's Hannah (6yrs) and Holly (9yrs) Blossom with Support from The Junction's Young Carers Service

 Hannah & Holly’s Story

Two girls sat in field clapping hands together

Meet the sisters: Hannah and Holly, ages 6 and 9, were referred to The Junction Foundation's Young Carers Service. Their parents were struggling with long-term illness and mental health issues, impacting the girls’ lives. They felt confused about their caring role, had trouble understanding their parents’ health, and often missed school or didn’t finish their homework.

Helping them thrive:

  • Building confidence: "We invited them to social groups to combat their isolation and help them build new friendships."
  • Learning new skills: "The girls participated in workshops like relaxation and mindfulness, first aid, and coping with challenges, feeling empowered to deal with difficult situations."
  • Supporting the family: "We provided regular check-ins for their Mum and connected her with additional support. We also collaborated with their school to create “young carers passports” that explained their situation and ensured understanding and support from teachers."

The results:

  • Happier smiles: "Both girls blossomed, becoming more confident and excited to participate in new activities. They developed a better understanding of their caring role and felt less worried about their parents’ health."
  • A stronger family: "The family felt less isolated and more supported by the school thanks to the young carers passports. Mum has since expressed her gratitude for the positive changes in her children’s lives, thanks to the support from The Junction."

Goals achieved:

  • Significant improvement in coping with challenges and social isolation.
  • Mastered relaxation and mindfulness techniques.
  • Gained valuable first aid skills and understanding of mental health.

Sharing the story:

This case study demonstrates the impact of our Young Carers Service in supporting children through difficult situations. By offering tailored support, we can help them reach their full potential and create a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Thanks to The Junction Foundation for sharing this young carers case studyFor young carers support phone the team on 01642 756000 or email