Case Studies

We have selected a cross representation of local case studies relating to carers experiences which provide insight into the issues, challenges and realities carers have from a wide range of backgrounds.

We are encouraging all professionals to gather carers case studies where appropriate. We have created a form to make this easier, please complete the form and ensure the consent sections have been covered before returning to us at,

Five photos of people depicting carers on orange background
Angela's story

Angela is a local Kinship Carer who is connected to a peer support group and Kinship Active. She says; "If I could give other local carers some advice it would be; don’t be frightened to ask for help because you’re not alone." Read Angela's story.

Ann's Story

Ann provides 24/7 care for her husband and has done for several years, Ann also looked after her father who has since passed away. Ann did not recognise that she was a carer for a long time, she was a daughter and a wife and did not feel that there was an alternative option to her providing this. “When I made my wedding vows, I meant them, in sickness and in health, this was the commitment I made”. Both Ann and her husband connected to Age UK Teesside's Time Out Service which she describes as being “absolutely marvellous". Read Ann's story.

Jason's Story

Jason is 30 years old and carers for his mum. This case study has kindly been shared by Carers Together. Read Jason's story.

Frank's Story

Frank, 65, carers for his wife Lily, 62, who has a diagnosis of dementia. Frank reached out for local support which "has helped to maintain his emotional well-being". This case study has kindly been shared by Carers Together. Read Frank's story.

Neuro Key

Neuro Key have compiled three case studies that provide insight into some of the everyday challenges carers face and highlighting specific barriers, lack of understanding and awareness of neurological conditions in the legal and health professions as well as the wider community.