Dementia Friendly Communities Need More Carers!

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15 February 2024

A “Dementia Friendly Community is a city, town or village where people with dementia are understood, respected and supported”: Alzheimers Society.

Dementia Action Teesside is the lead for the Dementia Friendly Communities of Redcar & Cleveland and Middlesbrough. The role involves engaging with local businesses and organisations, encouraging them to do more enabling people living with dementia to continue to access their community in a meaningful and supported way. 

We want anyone with memory loss or diagnosis of dementia to continue to access their community in the way they have always done: meeting friends for a coffee, going out for a meal or accessing essential services such as their GP, opticians and dentists.

Many people stop accessing their community due to a lack of confidence as their dementia progresses. If we collectively are more aware of dementia and make small changes to premises and how we interact with people, those living with dementia could continue to be independent and feel valued” says Marie Kerr, Project Development Manager at Dementia Action Teesside

“We work with shops, cafes, hospital departments, community group and many more organisations and businesses who make pledges to learn more about dementia and to do more for their community to make it more dementia friendly.

Their pledges are then sent to a Steering Group made up of local professionals interested in dementia and carers who approve their application to join their Dementia Friendly Community”.

Once approved, the businesses or organisations are given window stickers to display and awarded with a certificate at the annual Celebration Events which are held in Middlesbrough and Redcar. This recognition allows those affected by dementia to access their community more confidently as they engage with people who understand them more.

Skelton Care Home staff with certificates

The photo above shows staff from Skelton Court Care Home having received Dementia Friends training. 

Dementia Action Teesside are looking for more people living with dementia and their carers to be part of the Steering Groups in both areas.

“As a member of the Steering Group, you will be sent a copy of completed applications by email from local businesses and organisations to approve.  We will provide any new member with an induction so they fully understand the process. We also ask members to suggest possible new members and also feed back their experiences from visiting recognised businesses or organisations.”

Are you a carer or someone living with dementia? Would you like to be part of this process in approving new applicants to our Dementia Friendly Communities?

If you are confident using email and wish to be a part, please contact Marie on 07544 859951 or email

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