Make Caring Visible- Census 2021

Its time to complete your census questionnaire

10 March 2021

The census is taking place on Sunday 21 March 2021 and we want to ensure that everyone looking after someone else identifies as an unpaid carer when completing their form. This is hugely important because the census provides a vital opportunity for the number of carers, and their caring situations, to be officially recognised and better understood.

Census 2021 will inform decisions on services that shape our communities, such as healthcare, education and transport, and it also provides a more accurate and up to date figure for the number of carers in the UK.

Census findings are used widely by national and local government and many others – including national and local carers organisations. The opportunity to complete the census only comes around once every 10 years in England and Wales and these figures will provide a very important update.

There is a specific question (question 24) which asks whether you look after, or give help or support to someone else – and the number of hours per week that you care for. It is important that you answer this question honestly so we all have a better understanding of the diversity of care as well as the amount of unpaid care taking place. 

Census 2021 Question 24

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) runs the census in England and Wales and is independent of government. Your details are protected by law and the information published is always anonymous.



Help with completing your census form

Census 2021 will be the first digital-first census. You will receive information from the ONS about filling in the census through the post, but if you need help or have any questions, visit 

There are local support centres to help you with general census queries, help you to fill in your online census or paper form, and discuss other ways to support you. The nearest local centres are:

The Hope Foundation, Hope House

Hope House
1 Grange Road

Find The Hope Foundation, Hope House on Google Maps

Community Hub South

Community Hub South
Wynyard Rd
TS25 3LQ

Find Community Hub South on Google Maps

Contact both centres in advance to check how you can access their offer of support in line with Covid-19 restrictions. 

#CountCarersIn Campaign

Carers UK is running a campaign, #CountCarersIn which you can support by firstly ensuring you tick yes to Question 24 in the census. Secondly, you can help by sharing information on social media asking other carers to do the same. See the suggested posts below:

  • I will be identifying as an unpaid carer when I complete #Census2021 on 21 March, by ticking yes to question 24! If you look after someone but do not get paid for it, make sure you identify as a carer too! #CountCarersIn
  • As an unpaid carer for my …. I’ll be ticking yes to question 24 in #Census2021 on 21 March, helping to ensure we have an accurate measure of the number of carers in this country. #CountCarersIn