Looking after a loved one: the positives

Text 'looking after a loved one isn't all bad' with images depicting happy carers

15 January 2021

We frequently talk about the challenges of looking after a loved one (which of course is the reality for many at different times) and rarely focus on the positives. This is not because there aren't any, there are some fantastic benefits, not everybody finds caring for a family member or friend difficult all of the time. Let's shift the narrative when we talk about supporting carers, during this lockdown at the very least and focus on what is going well, reflect on everything you have achieved throughout this pandemic and most importantly support each other through.

Many unpaid carers report positive experiences from caregiving, including:

  • A sense of giving back to someone who has cared for them
  • The satisfaction of knowing that their loved one is getting excellent care
  • Personal growth 
  • Increased meaning and purpose in their own life.
  • An opportunity to reassess and address what is really important to them.  
  • A stronger, meaningful, relationship with their loved one. For many people who already have close relationships with their loved one's the nature of providing care often creates stronger bonds. For those who are not so close beforehand, caring can provide an opportunity to work through and resolve any negative feelings.  
  • Meeting new, amazing people, through a shared journey.
  • Received excellent information and support from a local or national organisation or group.

Taking care of someone else forces us to learn about the proper ways to do something, whether it's preparing finances, or planning for the future. It also teaches important virtues such as patience, understanding and loyalty that benefit individuals in both their personal and professional lives.

Research carried out by Carers UK during the pandemic showed that 'despite facing enormous pressure caring during the COVID-19 pandemic, for some carers, a simpler life and more time connecting with family and friends have had a positive impact. Carers have been able to connect with their local communities or religious or faith groups again, alongside having more time for leisure.' 

So let's hear your stories... support others by sharing your positive experiences of looking after your loved. Have you been given the opportunity to learn a new skill or had more time to build a stronger relationship with the person you care for? Have you received excellent support from a local organisation or group?

Get in touch we would love to hear from you! You do not need to have something recorder in advance I can support you with putting pen to paper or getting behind a video recorder. Let us spur each other on and showcase the positives and shout about how fantastic local carers are. 

Contact me via e-mail at hello@wecareyoucare.info if you leave your name and contact number I can give you a call or we can exchange e-mails if you prefer.