Help to shape the future offer of support for carers in the North East.

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31 March 2021

North East Carers Survey

The Directors of Adult Social Services in Middlesbrough and Redcar & Cleveland have teamed up with their counterparts in Local Authorities across the North East to develop the Carers Survey. They are committed to supporting people who provide invaluable unpaid care, day in and day out, to family members and friends.

Who is the survey for?

If you’re one of the thousands of people across the North East who helps look after relatives, friends and neighbours in their own homes, we’d like to hear from you. 

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  • You might help an elderly relative with their shopping, meals or keeping their home spick and span – or it might be even more personal care, like dressing, bathing or with their medicines.
  • You might help an adult with learning disabilities in living a fulfilling and independent life out in the community.
  • Or you might be providing support for a friend or neighbour who is facing difficulties with addiction.

The survey is for carers aged 18 and over. Young carers will be the focus of future consultation.

Why is there a need for this survey?

The survey has been created to help gain a greater understanding of the issues and challenges you face so that Local Authorities can support you better. Asking local carers directly will be helping to improve your local offer of support which will benefit many carers now and in the future.  

Use this opportunity to highlight what is not working well in Middlesbrough and Redcar & Cleveland so improvements can be made that will benefit carers now and in the future.

The survey includes 19 questions that focus on a range of topics including Covid-19, how you and the person(s) you care for have been supported and what (if anything) needs to change to positively support you as a carer. The survey should take around 20 minutes to complete. 

The care you provide is invaluable, so thank you for everything you do.

Complete the survey 

Please note the survey will close on 14 May 2021.

I am unable to complete the survey myself, who can help me?

If you are unable to complete the survey yourself or require some support in taking part you can contact Carers Together- 01642 488977 or click the image below to find a wide range of local organisations supporting carers across the South Tees. 

Find help and support across the South Tees