Do you know about the Victim Crime and Advice Service?

Safer Communities staff at event

30 March 2023

Victim Care and Advice Service provide free, independent, and confidential support to people impacted by crime and anti-social behaviour in the Cleveland area. You may be caring for someone who discloses they have been a victim of crime but feel uncomfortable reporting this to the police.

We accept self-referrals, referrals from the police or referrals from organisations/third parties with the victim's consent.

Our personalised service includes:-

  • Home visits and face-to-face meetings.
  • Regular support and contact via telephone, text or email.
  • Advocacy – providing victims of crime with a voice.
  • One to one care for the most vulnerable victims.
  • Practical assistance and emotional support.
  • A single point of contact throughout the whole victim journey from first reporting the incident to the police, throughout the investigation and criminal justice process and beyond.
  • Support for all victims of crime who request help whether the incident has been reported to the police or not.
  • A focus on those victims who have suffered the greatest impact from crime irrespective of the crime type, such as; victims of serious crime, the most persistently targeted and the most vulnerable and intimidated.
  • Services tailored to individual needs to help the victim to cope with the immediate impact of the crime and to help them to recover from the harm caused by: –
    • Addressing concerns identified by the victim;
    • Providing immediate emotional support and practical help;
    • Offering advice, support and encouragement;
    • Promoting empowerment and not dependency;
    • Considering the benefits of participation in restorative justice;
    • Assisting with criminal injuries compensation claims.
  • Support for young victims of crime.
  • Attending court as a victim or witness
  • Crime prevention and community safety advice
  • Access to the best and most relevant support services.

In addition to the above, we offer one-to-one or group Fraud Awareness sessions.

Please contact us by telephone: 01642 664442/0303 040 1099