Getting an assessment

The Carer Assessment is simply a chat to find out what needs you may have as a carer and what support may be available for you. The person you care for does not need to be receiving help from Social Care in order for you to have a Carers Assessment. 

The time it takes to carry out your assessment will depend on the urgency of your situation. A social care team member from Middlesbrough Council or Support Worker from Carers Together will work this out from the information you provide them following your first contact. The Carer Assessment is a supported process and your views and opinions will be considered throughout the assessment, which is aimed to be completed within 28 days.

Your worker will ask questions to understand the level of support you provide and whether this has an impact on your life. They will be aware that some areas that need to be discussed may cover delicate issues and this may well be a stressful experience. Please be assured that questions will be asked sensitively and the answers you give will be treated in the strictest confidence.

You will get a written copy of the Carer Assessment and a Carer Support Plan. This is a plan that shows how your needs identified in your Carer Assessment will be met. This will be reviewed annually to make sure your needs are still being met. The review can be on-line, over the phone, at a meeting place away from home or at your own home. 

Carers assessment questions examples
Get an assessment by speaking to:

Contact Middlesbrough Adult Social Care Access Team- 01642 726004

Contact Carers Together- 01642 488977